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USDA Awards Oxford Biomedical Research Grant to Develop Tests for the Quality of Animal Feeds: Oxford Biomedical Research, Inc., a privately held biotechnology company located in Oakland County Michigan, has been awarded a $99,203 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research Grant by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture [NIFA, award #2021-33530-34397]. This grant entitled “SIMPLE & RAPID TESTS FOR THE QUALITY OF ANIMAL FEEDS” will support the development of rapid tests to evaluate the freshness of animal feeds, with an initial focus on on-site measurement of antioxidants and rancidity in poultry feed for farmers. Consumers have become more conscious of the quality - including taste, nutritional value, and integrity - of what they eat. Our palates have evolved to include such specialized fare as grass-fed beef and free-range chicken. The quality and taste of the meats that we consume are based on several factors, including the animal’s diet, environment, and breeding. Although there are well established laboratory tests for determining a food’s nutritional value, there are presently no simple ways for farmers to quickly test feed for freshness and quality. We believe that our tests, which incorporate two methods for which we have already been granted U.S. patents, along with a simple, rapid and robust protocol for preparing samples for analysis, will be used to promote healthier livestock and more tasty/healthier products for human consumption. We also envisage this technology will allow discerning consumers to select top-quality pet food for their animal companions. Ultimately, we plan on expanding this product line to include additional tests for food quality, such as protein and fat content. Led by Dr. Enrique Martinez, researchers at Oxford Biomedical Research will develop and optimize a simple method for uniform sampling and emulsifying feed specimens. Our patented dry chemistry rancidity and antioxidant tests will be optimized and validated compared to our established laboratory liquid assays using both fresh samples and samples subjected to accelerated rancidification. The precision, accuracy, and percent error of each method will be evaluated with respect to standardized laboratory equivalents. Oxford Biomedical Research, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets products for biomedical research, companion animal veterinary diagnosis and food quality testing. Our Food Quality Testing Corp. subsidiary will manufacture and market these products. For more information contact: Richard McGowen 248-852-8815 Meet us at the 2021 National Restaurant Show 2021 National Restaurant Show: Food Quality Testing Corp. is proud to be exhibiting at the 2020 NRA Show, May 21-25 in Chicago. Visit us at booth 9523 for a demonstration of FyCheck™ and to discuss purchase or distribution opportunities. 2020 News USSEC 2020 High Oleic Soybean Update: Addressing the need for a quick robust way to monitor frying oil. Presented by Dr. Denis Callewaert at the U.S Soybean Export Council Virtual Conference on June 22, 2020. 2019 News 2019 EuroFedLipids Conference: Dr. Enrique Martinez is presenting results of detailed studies of the performance, durability and utility of FryCheck™ at the 2019 EuroFedLipids meeting in Seville Spain, October 20-24, 2019. Can’t attend? 2018 News 2018 National Restaurant Show: Food Quality Testing Corp. unveiled a prototype of FryCheck™ at the NRA Showin Chicago. Over 500 attendees visited our booth and viewed a demonstration of FyCheck™. Their comments and questions were instrumental in finalizing our labeling, instructions and packaging. USDA Grant USDA Grant: Development of FryCheck™ is supported in part by Phase II small business grant 2017-33610-26653 from the United States Department of Agriculture Also of Interest 2019 AOCS Meeting . At the annual American Oil Chemists’ Society in St. Louis in May, two speakers discussed the performance and potential of FryCheck™ o Dr. Scott Bloomer, Director of Technical Services at the American Oil Chemists’ Society o Dr. Susan Knowlton, senior research manager, Corteva™ Agriscience, the agriculture division of DowDuPont™.